GA Minutes April 2013

Community Rights of Jefferson County



Present: O’NEILL – facilitator, Jo Q. – stack taker, Mike P– Time Keeper, Julia – scribe, Others present: Mike M, Doug M, Mike R, Niles P, Lynn T,

Frank H, Rick D, Val P, Diane J, Linda S.


Proposal to sign CELDF contract: (Mike M.) between $2500 and $3000 to CELDF. Contract sent out in email.

Questions: about ongoing legal support. Questions about venue and other items in contract. Questions about who can sign up. Passed (14 days before the event if we do not have enough people we can cancel the event without financial cost.) Passed

Scholarships: (Mike M.) 5 – 50% scholarships. Friendly amendment 5 scholarships @ 50 = $375, if 5 people don’t apply for scholarships than the amount is distributed to the people who have applied or if more money is raised. Passed

Co-Treasurer: (Mike M.) Include O’Neill Louchard as an additional co-treasurer and co-signer on our account for the duration of the Democracy School which is planned for 6-6, 6-7-2013 Passed

Proposal: (Frank H.) that a Task Force be formed to write the Invitation for the Farm Survey with a two week completion 3/27/13. Val has been working on a flier and a background piece to go with the flier. The General Assembly is planning the Task Force for the Farm Survey to come up with the invitation. List is circulating.

Proposal: (Frank H.) That a Media Committee be formed to serve as the public relations arm of the Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County. This working group would prepare fliers and other materials describing our work and events and disseminate them to local media, organizations, and the broader community. Passed.

2020 Meeting Report – Rick. Very positive.

Linda Sutton – Fish Pens – trying to get the county to do a moratorium on this issue because the state seems to be totally bought out by that industry. is a wonderful film that is online. Fish net pens on the narrow side of Vancouver Island without consideration of the effect on the native fish. This is a condition that we could have here. Dept. of Ecology says it does not have any biologists and is relying on Fish and Wildlife. Ecology has 1600 employees and they should have a biologist among them. There is a hearing Monday night about this. Shoreline Management Plan has been around for about 30 years and the Shoreline Management Act created this. Van de Wege has a bill 1599 which died, and he is planning on attaching an amendment to another bill. All the reps from our area are on board against the fish pens. Question – how do all of us keep track of this information? Through our email list. Jo is putting together a presentation about this. We will keep the information loop open with the whole group.

Proposal: (Jo Q.) To create a Fish Pen Task Force to work on the issue including a future public presentations. What happened, the time frame, and what we can do in this process. Passed

Bill of Rights Discussion

  • · Frank – We wondered into this swamp to address how we the people ensure our rights over corporate rights. The Rights of Nature is our main work – in the Bill of Rights. Lets start dealing with creating a Bill of Rights.
  • · Julia made comments about including the rights of people including children in our Bill of Rights.
  • · Val talked about the Bill of Rights being totally connected with the Charter issue.
  • · O’Neill went to a big meeting with 8 public officials and 4 “public”. There was a caution about FreeHolders. David Sullivan and John Austin talked about why they wouldn’t do a charter because of the cost to the county. Hopefully, Norm learned a lot from a man there about what chartering entails and will come to us at a future meeting with the info. Pro and Con discussion about chartering ensued. Start with a Community Rights Bill.
  • · Mike M. we need to reach out and expand our committee – supports the Bill of Rights and less single issue focus.
  • · Frank – build political support in defense of the people. The question is what are we trying to do and focus on how to do this work. We should not take it for granted that our elected officials are against us – even though Frank believes they are.
  • · Mike R. – the fish pens etc. ideally comes under the Bill of Rights. We can do this separately from a Charter, and have a committee to form and work on it.
  • · Diane J. – by understanding the issues will help us form a Bill of Rights.
  • · Doug – Likes the B of R concept and this community’s interest in seizing power. Power holders will not cede power without a struggle. Millions of dollars of cost were forced on the county because the county would not accept the states point to pier legislation. The state has trumped the county on this issue and is doing it again on the net pens issue. Some of the agenda is being set by forces around us. The unwillingness to accept necessary suffering is the cause of much illness.
  • · Rick – We need a much larger cadre of people. B of R is essential. The information presentations is a way to make us more a reliable source of information for a larger group of people. Does not believe the B of R is an issue that people can gather around.
  • · Linda – Puget Sound Anglers – Sportman’s Club(?) actually an NRA love fest not interested in fish pens issue. Talked to NRA lobbist – about mental health issues. Found the meeting surreal.
  • · Val – as I look at all these individual issues we are working on – we need to assert our rights as a community. The B of R is a building block for any action we want to take.
  • · Mike – in favor of the B of R as a boiler plate to rationalize our existence as a group. Something has to be done in a militant way to challenge the commerce clause, the WTO, the GAP, etc.
  • · Jo – make it very simple and clear about environmental and people rights and push it through the City and the County rather than go through the complicated Charter process.
  • · O’Neill – do we want to form a committee or dedicate a GA – or wait till after the Democracy School.
  • · Mike M. – Envision Spokane – The Declaration – the evolution of a Bill of Rights – 15 items on a Bill of Rights is too long.
  • · Rick – the people who enacted these in Pa. were not us – were the conservative farmers etc. We need to interact with people about our common interest.
  • · Frank – What CELDF talks about is do the people believe they have the ability to govern. Are we a group that believes we have the ability to govern. I see that we need to know how to trust each other, how do we work together etc. This is work of both the heart and the mind and it begins with finding ways to work together and to trust each other. We need a healthy way to address each other in a pretty direct way.
  • · O’Neill – glad we had a conflict this week. Because if raised these issues and gave us an opportunity to learn how to work together and get to know each other on a different level – and bond through the heart.
  • · Rick – Back in the 60s people assumed trust. Why don’t we assume the we are acting in good faith. The facilitator should feel free to stop the conversation and address these deeper issues.
  • · Julia – talked about the reality of not trusting when involved in illegal activities and that we should plan a party.
  • · Frank and Mike – the discussion has begun and will be part of the next GAs agenda.
  • · Mike R. – thanks Frank for bringing up that we need to work on our interrelationship issues so that we can work more smoothly. Process – sometimes seems to be hanging things up and in the end is what makes things flow smoothly. It allows all our ideas to get out. When we make goofs it is a failure in process. We have gone a long way – in these meetings – due to this process.

Julia Cochrane

PO Box 1654, Port Townsend, WA 98368


GA CRCC minutes 4-27-2013

( Next Study Group-Tuesday April 30th, PT Community Center 5:30-7PM)

Minutes for Community Rights Coalition General Assembly 4/27/2013

The Meeting convened at 9:37AM – Present: Frank H-Facilitator, Mike M-stack, O’Neill-notes, Val, Jo, Tim, Rick, Kathleen H, Diane J, Ellen, Mike R, Norm N, Marcus, Mike P-time keep

Agenda items:

-Millions for Monsanto March/Rally-May 25th in Port Angeles, Corner Triangle East Front and East First St. Convene at Mc Donald’s parking lot at 10:45/ Port Townsend will join them/ meeting to carpool to be announced and further details after meeting on Monday the 29th at Co-op 11AM with GAG representative Bev Goldie, who is part of a group promoting this rally

MM- Suggested sending out “dos and don’ts” to CRC about rallies The Fish/tomato Doug M made years ago has disappeared into PT community and we are looking for it to use

O’Neill has sent word to Thaddeus to see if he is interested (note: O’ talked to him on Sunday the 28th and he is very busy…)

Val-let’s think of “sound bites” to use

Donations for QUUF for using the room-If we will collect and donate some $ to QUUF for using the building it will be appreciated

O’Neill is filling out papers so that CRC Study Group can also use the building and has agreed to serve as opener and closer/host for the meetings. The room will be available beginning on Tuesday May 7th at 5:30PM for Study Group. It will be on the daily schedule in the box in the passageway between R.E. and Fellowship, off parking lot on North side.

Banking Report- We are $87.80 in the hole and need donations. “Do what you can.” Costs for Democracy School + Farm Survey presentation.

Mike M and O’Neill to count at end of meeting and put in the minutes ($126.00 collected today)

Rick-We need a committee or a plan for finance/recommendations for coming up with $

Mike M-Sketch out ideas and give to the banking committee: Julia C, O’Neill, Mike M-“one presentation at a time” come up with a budget expectation.

MM will put tougher a request for donations to go out to the list serve.

Jo-Bake sale idea. Maybe rather than a committee, a Task Force for each event and let them handle a fundraiser for the event.

Diane J-has flip charts to give us

Jo-inquiry about 501c3-“we are not”

Rick-doesn’t understand how it will work “ad hoc”/ “fall on the people who are doing it” Form? Dues? Fundraising? Other donations?

MM-When planning events should think of money we are going to need

Ellen-Ask for funding, vote, do we have the money?, etc.

Marcus-One General Fund through GA

Mike M-Treasurers keeping the books

Kathleen-Need Central Council to decide what, need clarity about who makes the decisions, through the GA, yet also still be a function of the event to think about what they need

Jo-basket out at every event

Kathleen-Proposal : Financial decisions go through the GA for any expenditure over $20.00

Discussion of proposal-withdrawn

MM-passed by GA in a former meeting that would need GA approval for over $200

Written proposal by Val after above discussion: Proposed that the GA authorize any task force to produce and event, and that task force offer a budget necessary for the event, approved by the GA and to come from the treasury, but also have authority to create fund-raising methods for that special event. Passed

Study Group Summary-Mike P-handouts/last Study Group minutes (which have been sent out to CRC) , The Virginia Declaration of Rights from the U.S. national archives and records administrator, a community Bill of Rights from CELDF site, a handout on what attorneys will need to confront and a handout with a list of topics. (if you want cyber copies, email Mike: Mike & Val <>

Rick-is the BofR a social belief or an ordinance-MM answered-“Both”

When Rick asked about successful challenges he was referred to “Read the Dirt” which has them delineated

Marcus-only Bellingham knocked down (?)

Jo-The BofR forces a corporation to be on the defensive and challenge us

Norm-Commissioners can choose to do then take down when they want. Democracy School will show us how all this works.

Mike P-What does GA expect of Study Group? I will summarize the comments: Study, share with both GA and the public, do research, not a task force, make recommendations, develop questions for Democracy School, generate questions, due to our being a finite group of people each need to grab an oar and row and that means that the SG tends to drift into action, should bring proposals for possible actions based on study, anyone can bring a written proposal to GA

“We study, report back and if need be, make a proposal.” to act upon.”

Beverly Goldie visit to PT

Val-GAG/Genetically Modified Organism Action Group/coordinating with other people/Next meeting at Sequim Library May 21st at 7PM

Monday 4/29 Beverly will be at the Co-op at a time to be determined

Farm Survey Report presentation

Val-Check list of things to be done, set up a Task Force process so don’t reinvent the wheel for each presentation

Need volunteers for the FARM SURVEY presentation/circulated list for sign ups – Invite copies passed out

Salmon Confidential the movie coming to The Rose-To be announced


Norm gave a presentation: We need a Washington State Constitution Rights based ordinance, chartering is not an easy process, we will be challenged, need a Charter for a BofR to have “teeth”, funding is a pitfall, Charter is to have direct democracy-gives us rights=”Power of the people”, only a chartered government can post an initiative,WA state is one of 24 states that are chartered. In San Juan County it was property rights advocates that pushed for charter. We can post an ordinance and so can others, i.e. as Tim Eyeman does with big $ backing in WA state.


Norm-a group needs to gather 100s in support, explain, collect, make a public demand for freeholders. “If you want it to happen by the voice of the people it takes a charter.” Legal advice can be asked for from Whatcom and San Juan County, Pierce.

Discussion and questions-not going to put it all in.

Rick thinks that GM seeds might fly with the commissioners as a first ordinance. Do charter, too.

MM-There was already permission for a chartering task force given by GA.

Can get help from CELDF

Committee sign up for Charter work done. (Who has the list?) Val-Our work—Educate the public about GMOs, meantime work for chartering.

note: if more was said, I didn’t hear it or catch it! Sorry.

Adjourned at about 7ish. Donations to pay expenses collected at today’s meeting: $126.00



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