GA Minutes August 2013

Minutes to GA of CRC August 10th and August 24th

Minutes for General Assembly 8/10/13

Present: Frank-Facilitator, O’Neill-notes, Val-Stack, Julia-Time, Rick, Sidney, Ellen, Mike R, Doug, Bob M

Set Agenda by going around the room to each attendee

  •  O’-I-522 Film Series
  • R-Proposal
  • V-Update on Home Rule Charter efforts
  • J-Strategic Plan

O’-Put forth the Proposal that CRC be a sponsor of I-522 film series. Proposal: CRC is willing to be a co-sponsor of the GMO film series and any money decision will be separate. Passed.

R-Lecture on GE foods and their issues and the I-522 campaign, right to know and choose our food.  We are being experimented upon and both FDA and companies are claiming that they are not responsible for the effects of GMOs on people. Glyphosate use is increasing and crop yields are diminishing. Film series on food coming. Hoping to get Pamm Leary (head of California Prop 37 campaign)  for the PT Film Festival.

Proposal that passed: The Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County WA may establish an Education and Food Labeling Working group and the focus of the group is: This Working Group is organized to work both independently, and with other local and state organizations to increase community education about genetically engineered foods.

During the next two months, the Group will be especially focused on promoting and getting out the vote for passage of Washington State Initiative Measure No. 522 in the November 2013 Washington election.


Bob May-dropped by the group to give us some pointers on the Home Charter efforts and said that the CRC website brought him to the meeting. He said he is from the local Dems. He said that there is a Democrats Working Committee for Home Charter and there will be a meeting Tuesday at GeorgeYount’s home. He said he (Bob) is willing to be called at 503-449-7350.

V-Working on multiple issues challenging.

V-Home Rule Charter Update. Petition has been certified, resolution of BOCC passed and Freeholders have 3 days to sign up, 8/14, 15.16th between 8:30AM and 4:30PM at the  County Courthouse.

CRC held a Freeholder information meeting on Wed. 8/7/13 that was very well-attended. Will be holding more. County will hold a Freeholder meeting on Monday 8/12/13 at the County Courthouse at 6PM

HRC held a conference call for a couple of hours with Kai and Tom of CELDF to talk about platform and basic Bill of Rights, which they said needs to be part of the Charter so amendments can be added by the people on specific issues over time. The Charter should only change county government to allow for initiative and referendum at this time. Keep it simple. Large number of people emerging wanting to be Freeholders; will not know the full list until folks have completed their paperwork

Handed out a list of “Freeholder Facts” (Julia said that one item is misleading. The Fifteen Freeholders who receive the most votes isn’t quite correct-) it will be the top five in each district and folks can vote for 5 in their district. There are no longer voter pamphlets in hard copy, all information about candidates will be online only. Freeholders need to write their bios and platform. It is the county that has the default position to set up the Freeholder and Charter process

MR-It was in The Leader this week-call for Freeholders

Bob-Now taking us seriously, where weren’t

V-Booth at the Fair all this weekend and a CRC/HRC booth at the All County Picnic on 8/18 at HJ Carroll park-window stickers, stickers to wear, stacks of promotional materials available, the check-mark in a yellow box is the logo of the HRC effort .Please, keep in mind that the HR is not about any  single issue and just about chartering to get initiative and referendum rights for the people anda Bill of Rights–more voices, more rights- issues are separate

Bob M-Demos are “flying it” and the Republicans are aware-Jearn Farr (sp?) Chief of the Republican Party is talking about this. HIS  ADVICE-Save I-522 for another place, Dems and Reps thinking about Freeholders, put a Bill of Rights into the Charter and maybe even more than bare bones. Working Group committee meets at George Yount’s on Tuesday. Didn’t give time but gave his (Bob’s) phone # 503- 449-7350  Ballot-write our own so that it is very clear and not confusing, work for neutrality; neither Bruce Cowan nor George Yount are neutral-are opposed

Someone who might be helpful: Mike Doherty, Commissioner of Dist. III in Clallum Co. (360) 417-2238, 374-5324,,

V-The resolution was written as to how it will go on the ballot. The statement online is where we have the right to put information and to tell the voters  the information. We will have a chance to be on KPTZ.

E-Chimicum meeting was attended by a diverse group and many voiced concerns heard about not being represented that were similar to what the petitioners heard, helping people understand the “gift” they are getting by the Charter that will give them a voice.

O-? of Bob M-Are all of us Dems invited to the Working Group? County workers and community members are divided about the Charter.

RD-Concern about number of initiatives. O-short list, about 10 since 1970 in all the Chartered Counties. Lots of amendments; haven’t counted  them yet. V-there have been about 2 every 5 years and many amendments. All have been vetted for legality, none have been frivolous

V-Auditor and Assessor have told V that they wish their jobs were non-partisan. They are trained to do what they do.

DM-Changing his winter plans and will stay to run for Freeholder/ready to participate if it makes sense

V-HRC will be in communication with Freeholders and the plan will be to have persons drop out if it looks like it is the best thing to do or stay in the running

S-Some misinformation on the Dem  list-serve info going out.  CELDF attorneys participate. Ballot, suggests: tell people to vote for the Charter, vote for the Freeholders, if Charter passes, they (Freeholders) take their seats-simple

FR-Has voiced reservations all along, but wants to congratulate the petitioners on a great job and is impressed with their staying with it .

DM-Even if a person votes “no” can vote for 5 Freeholders and of course if vote “yes” then vote for 5.

MR-?-Are there counties with non-patisan commissioners?

J-Talked to a Clallum Co. fellow and they used the initiative process to stop big box stores from taking peoples homes with eminent domain.  County has other attorneys, not just the Prosecuting attorney, who may be more well-suited to the job of the Charter, such as Doug Mason, who might possibly be in agreement with us, the Prosecuting attorney is not a land-use specialist.

BM-Better have Freeholders “on line.”

RD-? about the HRC strategy

V-HRC will have a complete list of Freeholders once they have registered and are certified (have to go through the required process)

S-Strategic dropping out of some may be in order


V-Plan: Community meetings, go to the County meeting on Monday night to see who starts to register, keep tabs of who moving through the process, educate the community to be sure the public understands and values the process (why at the Fair and at Picnic, too)

MR-Letter to Editor? Deadline for next week was yesterday. Can only submit one letter a month. Will help folks draft a letter.

E-Wants to clarify that folks can join the HRC, if part of a strategy group, show up-the discussion is over about whether to do the Charter effort or not, it is done. Will give O’Neill the times and dates to pass along announcements of meetings. Need community space to do the meetings.

V-Contact Val about your questions

J-Please, put on list serve when going to have another meeting

Strategic Plan-Julia

Look at the long-range goal, say 10 years out, then 5 years out, then NOW, short-term, both GA and all Working Groups and Task Forces  should do this; lay out a vision.


J-Wil bring back as a proposal to the next GA

Meeting adjourned at about 11:35AM



The Meeting was held at QUUF. Called to order at 9:34AM  (Proposals are in “bold” in the notes below.)

Doug-Facilitator, O’-Notes, Mike R-stack, Frank-time, others present: Mike M, Virginia, Niles, Rick, Frank, Val, Norm, Mike P, Julia, Ellen

Agenda items;  going around the table:

  • O’-On Conflict and Consensus book and process
  • MM-Relationship of Task Forces and Quorum
  • Rick-I-522 and Film series
  • Fr-Mulling proposals
  • V-HRC Task Force-report, proposal, discussion
  • K-Bill or Rights and the Rights of Nature

The others passed on setting agenda items

O’-Bought and sold to 4 others On Conflict and Consensus the book which CRC uses as basis of process; took orders for 3 more (has purchased 10 more, subsequently so others may acquire) Asked to post the link to be read online: (From minutes in Nov. 2012)

5.  Group Process Proposal – This group shall be a voluntary coalition of individuals coming together to serve a common cause.  This group shall use egalitarian facilitation and consensus democracy. The group shall use the book “On Conflict and Consensus” as its reference manual for resolving process challenges.” ( – Passed by

Proposal notes – Initial Proposal:  “This group shall be a voluntary coalition
of individuals and organizations coming together to serve a common cause.
This group shall use egalitarian facilitation and consensus decision making.
The group shall use the book “On Conflict and Consensus” as its reference
manual for resolving process
challenges.” (

Doug M explained how it has worked at Rosewind.

MP-Tri-Area meeting on Wed. 28th///larger picture to address//must be heart and soul of Freeholders-suggests taking the consensus model to the Freeholders.

K-Statement of values and areas of conflict when a deeply-held value not compatible, creating a value statement in the first place, inclusiveness value, how to decide, need a more inclusive statement about reconciling values

D-Sometimes folks have to put aside, complex

O-Sent a copy of the “The Initial Values Process”-“Values Based Consensus Decision-Making Flowchart” by the folks who bought books from.

Val-Greater good and set asides

K-China: “Harmony with diversity”

? said- Greater good for whom?

Discussion about Agenda

MM-What is a quorum?

J-W/o a membership there is no quorum and we have no “membership”

D-A Quorum is those who decide to show up for a group with no formal membership/voluntary presence

O’-2xs in hx of CRC said we knew there would be too few to have binding proposal votes, Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meetings 2012.

V-Luxury of the internet; can send out to CRC to let people know something important is going to be brought to the meeting for discussion

and it is up to the folks on the CRC list serve to decide whether to attend or not.

E-Concern about the process; if no “quorum” it could disrupt the process/not in favor of a quorum idea

R-Critical to expand those coming to groups/organize a means to get more members

K-During his absence things happened he would have opposed, doesn’t know how to get to a better way for those who want to give input, history of participation?

J-Hx of what she has seen over years since began activism at 14: clearer the process the easier to take it over, can’t take over a “leader full” group, built on relationship and trust//ask for a proposal, she read a definition of a quorum;

proposal “Those that participate are the governing body.” Tabled after discussion

K-Opposes. We didn’t do a values  process.

Fr-add other considerations

R-Wants to see a more community-wide organization

D-If reconsider a prior decision, can’t vote it out and change course

O-We spent many meetings of a Task Force early on crafting the “About Us” statement and also to begin flushing it out, can take it back up and finish the job

K-Wants us to go through the whole process

D-Quroum proposal tabled.

Fr-Idea: Proposal:  Set aside or pick a Saturday to review the goals of CRC; how will we know when we have succeeded, values-setting exercises as outlined in Conflict and Consensus /spend two hours-dedicated Saturday meeting.

K-Goal of GA doing this?

Fr- 2 objectives: 1) How define success? 2)Values related, come to consensus on the values driving our work together (almost the same thing as 1),

Be clear and explicit

Clarifying Questions:

K-First or second?

R-Strongly supports goals and priorities being set

MP-Working group to start

Fr-Accepts as an amendment

Proposal;  A working group to draft a proposal to work on mission statement of common values to bring to a special General Assembly meeting set aside for the purpose of GA discussion. Passed

Those who have agreed to participate: R, Fr, O’, MR, J, K, MM: will convene on Tuesday evening Study Group time; 5:30PM QUUF

Val- Read the print out of what she had sent to the entire CRC –

Information for members of the Community Rights Coalition to read before Saturday’’s GA:

 Item #1:  Until the Home Rule measure made it to the ballot, the Home Rule group was operating as a Task Force under the authorization of the CRC.  Once candidates began registering, the Task Force began receiving donations.  This meant that the group would have to register with the Public Disclosure Commission as a PAC or a Ballot Committee.  Since the Task Force did not have authorization to register a CRC group with the government, nor did they have authorization to co-mingle funds with the CRC, members determined that the only way to stay within the law was to register as a separate “Ballot Committee.”

It is called the “Yes! On Home Rule” Ballot Committee.  This committee will be able to collect donations, keep accurate financial records, and file follow-up paperwork with the PDC while advocating for the passage of a Home Rule Charter in Jefferson County.

Item #2:   The “Yes!” committee will have a separate website with information, links to candidates websites and Facebook accounts, and links to the County Online Voter Guide.

Item #3:  The Home Rule Task Force (the original group emerging out of the CRC) will be sponsoring 3 public “Meet the Candidate” forums in September and October.  These will be PUBLIC INFORMATION forums that allow the candidates in each district to present their statements and platforms and also to answer questions from the public.

Item #4:  The HR Task Force will be asking for support from members of the CRC at Saturday’s GA meeting.  They will ask for the following:

-support or sponsorship from the CRC for the “Meet the Candidate” forums

-donations from individuals for these events

-volunteer help for the “Yes!” campaign leading up to the November election

Item #5:  The “Yes!” campaign will be holding a volunteer strategy meeting on Wednesday, August 28, at 6:00 p.m. at the Tri-Area Center in Chimacum

D-Proposed: CRC co-sponsoring events in name only. 

 Clarifying questions.

N-Financial separation? Donations separate?

MM-Are the events already scheduled?

Answers-meeting on the 28th is for the “Yes” campaign.

K-Was it foreseeable that the eventuality would occur for the need of a Ballot Committee? 2nd question (I didn’t understand it as note taker and couldn’t figure out how to write it down.)

V-Yes for first part, no to second part “we didn’t”.

O’-County gave little time to act once passed the resolution.

MR-Clarify if the the Task Force is directly connected and related to the “Yes” committee?

V-HRC Comm. authorized to take on the task. It was a personal decision as individuals, not as members of CRC to form an independent group of those who have taken on the Ballot Committee. Is now asking the larger group of CRC to co-sponsor.

D-It is the “logical growth” to a “coalition”, calling for a general sense of support

MM-General Assembly should have voted on the HR TASK Force, that said, he thinks “it is wonderful that 51 folks have stood up for Freeholder.”

Does feel there has been a betrayal of trust with the HR Task Force.

D-Painful edge to the process.

(K left the meeting showing distress-some conjecture as to what that meant, but basically stated that we don’t really know what is in his head)

Agreed to continue the conversation until noon.

I-522-will give 20 minutes at the end.

J-What we do as individuals we do as individuals. It happened fast. Less graceful than might have been. Thinks we should co-sponsor the candidate campaign.

N-Supports and important to have no one feel they are being railroaded/don’t want to lose sight of the democratic process

Fr-Inappropriate to tell us how to feel and we don’t (have?was in the notes, but may not be accurate?) to know how K feels; supports the proposal; means vs. ends discussion happening

with Norm

N-Opposes. Not aligned with HRC with CRC/not in favor of having Freeholders seen as partisan/places for strong opinions not to be set aside.Has a talk written.

MP-Come back for each move by the HRC TF would have been inappropriate; don’t confuse “feel” and “think”-be clear as to who we are as thinking and feeling people.

V-Within the HRC group there are disagreements/consensus can be reached, timely in bringing the information and each piece came in,Ballot Committee formed as a necessity, GA only meets every other week, the information has also been brought to Study Group and Bill of Rights Task Force.

E-Information: Co-op made a general decision for there to be no Chartering information to be given out at the Co-op, so there are no to few to very difficult venues for passing out information, the “egg has been opened”, opportunity to go with or not.

Norm agree to set aside.

Co-sponsoring of the Candidate Forum.  passed.

I-522 (GMO Labeling for WA state):

Rick-Information/alarming amounts of Glyphosate used with GMOs, they are “experimenting on the population” ; attended the Seed Alliance meeting on August 2nd and 3rd and their leadership training on the 4th. Aug. 10thCRC Educationand Food Labelling Working Group names taken and he will send out emails.

Networking in the state of WA>re passing of I-522>weekly conference calls

Literature available at the Film Series (CRC list serve has receive multiple notices)

Pamm Leary from the Prop. 37 campaign will be in Port Townsend: she got 900,000 signatures to put it on the ballot, Anti-37 spent 47Million to the 7Million against, lost by 2%–SHE WILL BE AT QUUF ON SEPT. 20th.

Focusing on Wooden Boat Festival, Kinetic Sculpture weekend, Maybe have the “corn car”-checking with the city about using the audio,

Monsanto spent $500,000 to infiltrate groups, hired Blackwater (newest name?);  Focus on as “tipping point” of other states;

Gestures by some markets to stop selling GMO foods, Co-op is in favor of I-522, meeting with George Yount (Co. Democrat Chair), Getting out the vote needs to be emphasized- yard signs, educational materials, donations

Ellen-asks that the speaker information be sent to her. Will meet with Rick after the meeting.

SINCE THE NEXT meeting happens on SEPT. 7th and coincides with the Non-Violence training and so many folks from GA are attending, as well as a conflict possible in October with QUUF event, O’ asked to change dates of meetings with QUUF to Sept. 14, and 28th, and October 12 and 26th.

What to do for dates for subsequent months to be discussed at the next GA. 

(NOTE: The  changes of dates Sept. 14th and 28th and October 12th and 26th are now scheduled for GA and a notice of change has been sent out. Reminders are sent each time before the GA routinely.)

Closing remarks by members as to how they felt about the meeting.

Adjourned at about 12NOON.

It was decided outside of the room by those signing up to do the values work to bring back to GA to use the Study Group venue at QUUF on Tuesday at 5:30PM






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