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OTHER COMMUNITY ISSUES – The Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County is currently concerned for several projects in our community.  The following concerns are being studied and some members of the coalition are actively involved educating the community and public about these issues.

smart meters– Smart Meters in the city of Port Townsend- are they safe?  What will installing these meters cost our community?

Information provided by O’Neill Louchard, and Virginia Arnett Wald

The June 19th PT Leader reported that the City Council  recently tentatively approved a $2 million purchase of SmartMeter water meters to be installed  by the end of the year.

The news article was from the Leader, of June19th and written by  Tristan Heigler. To quote from p17:
Automatic Monitoring The council  also approved 5-1 a motion (Gray opposed) allowing Timmons to finalize a  contract with the state and Honeywell Building Solutions for installing 4,661  automatic water meter readers. The $2 million project would have a positive  cash flow of $2,900 every year, according to Timmons, since it would eliminate  one full-time position and save on vehicle and gas costs.  The automatic  readers would transmit radio signals to city staff, eliminating the need to  manually check each meter. Timmons said he has to finalize the financing on  the 15.5 year contract, but he anticipates it being approved at July 1 regular  council meeting. Councilor Deborah Stinson said the recommendation came out of  the joint city-county Climate Action Committee because it reduces green house  gas emission by lowering driving activity…. Other Options Timmons said  he is looking at the possibility of selling lumber on land the city owns, as  well as surplusing some empty city properties in order to defray the capital  fees on water and sewer….

What are the concerns about Smartmeters?

salmon mt overlayNET PENS – FISH FARMS

The Washington State Department of Ecology is forcing counties to allow finfish aquaculture in their Shoreline Master Programs. CRC does not support this action and is vigorously campaigning against these fish farms moving to our county and the Puget Sound.  Fish farms are breeding grounds for viruses, diseases, and parasites that can spread to wild fish. They create fish waste that is contaminated with toxins and creates dead zones. Many times, they are contaminated with dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyl, and persistent insecticides, which are not especially healthy as food. They threaten commercial, tribal, and sport fisheries and related tourism, which are more economically important to Washington.

Here is a link to an online petition that would be sent to Governor Inslee regarding this issue.  Please sign: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/no-to-more-factory-fish

Here is a link to Free online viewing of the documentary Salmon Confidential.  Important – Please watch!





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