GA Minutes – June 2013

Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County, WA

Minutes June 2013

CRCJC General Assembly Minutes – June 1, 2013

  Present – O’Neill (facilitator), Scotty (co-facilitator), Mike R., Norm, Bob Crittenden, Val’s friend, Val, Mike P. (timekeeper police), Nancy M., Mike M., Sidney, Lynn, Julia (stack taker), Frank (note taker) .
   Scotty settled us in.
Democracy School update – Mike M. – We are 4 people short of a full complement and Mike asked us to recruit people.  Emelyn Lybarger  replaces Brad as a teacher. Entry registration for the School on Friday, June 7, is at 5:30 at QUUF. The workshop runs from 6:00 to 9 Friday evening and from 9:00 to 5 on Saturday. Please stay at the site for lunch Saturday. Do we want to have a post workshop get together Saturday evening?
  Discussion of new scholarships followed.
Chartering – Val – the work group created handouts explaining Home Rule Chartering and the process which she shared with us.
   Norm – explained the process is lengthy and begins with a petition calling for Freeholders. He has arranged with the Food Coop for us to  table with the petitions Monday through Friday every week in June.  We need about 2500 signatures.  He passed around a sign up sheet for the tabling.
We plan to attend the Board of County Commissioners Meeting at 9AM June 17, to update them on our petition gathering and ask for their support.
We may do this later in the month also, depending. Norm recounted his difficulties in obtaining the precise legal wording required for the petition, and said we can’t actually start tabling until we have it – he will keep us posted.  Questions and answers followed the presentations.
Web Group Update – Ellen_- passed around copies of the front page of the site and sample articles. She is looking for more volunteers to join the group. She has created a Facebook account for CRC. She is trying to show us the possibilities for the site and has added several pages, like for minutes.  If people want to add content, please discuss it with Ellen.
   She asks for each working group to have a person who is like a liaison with the web site so it stays updated with our collective activities.
Ellen and Mike R. made the following proposal, which, after discussion, was adopted by the GA.
   “It is proposed that we let one person who is active in CRC, for now that would be Ellen, be in charge of the CRC website, and that she be titled Webmaster (Administrator).
   The webmaster will have keys to the site, that is, the password required by the web provider, to enable her to get into the site to arrange the set-up, the tools, to modify the look of the site, and to add or remove images and text. The control of the keys also requires that the webmaster’s email address be the primary contact for communications with the provider (host) so that she can respond to messages such as notices that a payment is due in order to maintain the service, etc.
   One additional person will volunteer for the position of back up webmaster, who knows or will learn how to manage the website.
In conjunction with a webmaster (administrator), it is proposed that there be a web committee of volunteers from CRC to determine whether any important decisions need to be made regarding the site, and will submit these for approval to the GA in the form of proposals. The resulting decisions will then be carried out by the webmaster. Day-to-day web chores will not be subject to the committee process.”
Nancy – She asked us to become informed about the Agriculture Bill before the Congress, which has a Monsanto proviso, and to lobby our Representatives.
Julia – suggested we create a generic CRC business card and we agreed.  Val said she would create a draft.
  Julia proposed we become a partner with Local 20/20. It was suggested we get more information about what this entails and Mike R. agreed to follow-up.
Mike R. – passed around sample proposed logos and asked us to indicate our top two choices.
Scotty ended the meeting by reading from Joanna Macy’s book about the Great Turning.
We collected $23.00 during the meeting.
Adjourned at 11:35.

Meeting Minutes Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County WA – General Assembly-June 29th, 2013


Meeting called to order at QUUF June 29th, 2013 at 9:30AM

In attendance; Frank-facilitator, O’Neill-notes, Val-stack, Allma-timekeeper, Sidney, Ellen, Norm, Carol G., Doug M., Kevin

Agenda set.
Chartering Taskforce Report by Val-800 signatures to date, some of the Task Force have been attending BOCC meetings on Monday mornings and plan to continue, invite folks to show up. There will be a OP ED  in the paper this week. People on a learning curve and beginning to get the message. If continue to get at least 60 signatures daily then the target at the end of July will be met. Val out there
7 days a week, Norm and Mike P. and Ellen also very busy getting signatures almost daily. Using email to be in contact with each other about their messages to BOCC. Carol G. wants to join the Task Force. Gave Val her email address for notices.
-Sidney cautions we keep in touch with the bigger picture while working locally.
-Val-there have been no frivolous issues in the other counties with home rule. A law is now in effect in Washington that there can be no paid-for signature collecting.

Study Group Report-Val-We are keeping the name “Study Group”-the Study Group researches, studies and refers to GA for possible actions. Groups (Task Forces) need to gather their materials to submit to Ellen to put under a tab on the website. PLEASE- please, generate well-written
materials to publish and send to Ellen.
Bruce Cowan came to give the Democrats take on Chartering. No new information, except that we now know the Dem position on it, which at this time isn’t positive.
Some words from participants paraphrased:

-Doug- make clear where our decisions come from and do our best not to alienate.
-Norm-We need to heed CELDF’s teaching-“go outside the box.”
-Sidney-We can work within and without at the same time and remain open to the community.

Allma and Virginia asked to address the Smartmeter situation that has been brought to their attention in an article in The Leader on June 26th.
Virginia-The City is voting on Monday night about installing over 4,600 Smartmeters to monitor water usage. They said there are many health and safety concerns and that there are communities world-wide fighting the installation of and experiencing problems from the installation and moratoriums
have been declared.  Among the problems are adding to accumulating Radio Frequency (RF) and other concerns. Virginia sent a letter to The Leader which was not published, but sent to David Timmons, the City Manager. She came to CRC because she felt it was wrong that her letter be sent on to him and not published and that there has been no public debate. She sees it as an example of corporate influence and not enough information to those impacted. The Smart meters are tied into the possible sale and maybe even a clear-cut of 82 acres the city owns.
Virginia has talked to the City and to the State Attorney General’s office and more.

Allma-moratoriums on Smartmeters in England and Italy. 40 cities and counties are presently fighting Smart meters. The plan in Port Townsend is to install them by December. Allma will send information and links she has gathered to be sent out by those who wish to. She said that on July 10th in in City Council  Chamber 3 there is a meeting about clear-cutting 82 acres in Port Townsend. Carol concerned about the surveillance capabilities of Smartmeters, along with the RF problems. Allma-pulses in both directions. Need to know potency of spikes in charges.
Frank – County has electric meters in county.

-Kevin said there is an Energy meeting monthly which he attends and the next meeting is on July 5th at 4PM at First Federal. He will put it on the agenda.

-O’ Neill will get the word out about the City Council meeting on July 1st at 6:30PM.

-O’Neill-CRC members invited to join GAG 4th of July parade. Carpooling from Val’s. Leaving at 4PM. Information will be sent out to list serve and posted on FB and our website.
Val-Wrote a song for I-522-we practiced it!

CRC Picnic

Community Rights Coalition all-group picnic July 20th, 2013 4-6 PM at the Rosewind Commons House (off San Juan on Umatilla. Please bring you own dish to share, your own plate or bowl and eating utensils.  Also bring your own drinks.

(The group has no “budget” for the pic mic-we will have to provide for ourselves-the venue is available because Doug and Nancy Milholland are sponsoring-THANK YOU, DOUG and NANCY.)


No fragrances because some community members have dire allergy problems. No shoes inside.

Help would be appreciated.  Please come at 3:00 PM to help set up and please stay after to clean up. CONTACT:

-O’Neill-O’Neill speaking at QUUF on June 30th and a CRC table will be in the Fellowship Hall to distribute information and gather signatures for Home Rule as well as distribute information about CRC.

-O’Neill showed the GA a banner Joannie Muryama made that is reusable for rallies. It has a see-through plastic pocket to change messages.The group agreed that for rallies we need a very large banner and that it have slits to let the wind through. Someone said that there are end rolls
of paper available from The Leader for banners as well.

PROPOSAL put forth by Frank.  “I propose that we form a task force to facilitate the creation and passage of a Bill of Rights for Jefferson County.”
It was passed. A sign-up sheet was circulated. The first meeting will be at Kevin’s on July 11th at 5:30PM. Frank will send directions to those on the list after he receives them from Kevin. If Kevin’s doesn’t work, the Co-op will be the default location.

-Frank wants to talk to farmers and others, go out around the county and hold public events to talk about the Bill of Rights and get input. He thinks there should be some “kick-off” event.

-Discussion: Rolling in of Bill of Rights into Charter, if it goes through. Parallel process. Long process-possibly 2 years
-Doug-Be ready to apply as a Freeholder. Need Freeholders from different corners of the county-Quilcene, Brinnon, Businesses, Farmers, etc.

-Kevin-Rights of Nature a major issue for him. Sees no reason to connect the Charter to a Bill of Rights. Discussion of that.

Ellen-Website report.
4,5000 hits on the website as of this morning. Go in to URL, has tabs where can go in to see rolling blog, etc. There is lots of information, but need folks to send in good materials. There are tabs for all of the GA minutes month by month, but because there weren’t many for 2012 those are batched. O’Neill has sent them in and will continue to do so. Waiting on Rick to send farmer information.
Ellen wants direction on what to do with issues and projects folks bring to CRC that are not yet CRC issues. Will possibly make a tab “Friends of CRC.”
Out of discussion: Flow from projects>Task Force, bring back and report to GA and GA acts on them.
If someone brings an issue to CRC it is advised that they write up something to put under the tab.

-Kevin-20/20 has a calendar and that has solved their problem about “kindred announcements.”
-Doug-Maybe more thought needs to be processed as to how to aid Ellen in her big task.
-Norm-Write good articles to send to Ellen.
-Val-Someone needs to come with a proposal for the next GA as to the protocol for follow through.
-Doug-Run a proposal by Ellen or have Ellen write it to bring to GA.


PROPOSAL by Sidney. ” Propose that CRC allow informational tabs for “Other Community Issues” be on the website.” Passed.

Allma and Virginia send their information about Smart meters to Ellen.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:30

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