GA Assembly minutes – 2012


MINUTES from the Saturday, Oct 20, 2012 meeting at RoseWind Common House, Port Townsend, WA

  •  Facilitation Matt Ready, Savannah


  •  Areas of interest raised by participants
  • Local issues — roadside pesticide spraying / pulp mill pollution / net pen aquaculture / local agriculture / more…
  • Rights of Nature
  • Toxic products used in county
  • Destruction of aquifer purity > gmo, toxic chem, glyphosphate, montsanto
  • Local sovereignty
  • Decolonizing our minds – moving from despair to empowerment
  • Mindset shift, power of song
  • Value of town meetings – power by the people
  • Chartered vs unchartered vs some other form of local government
  • Drafting ordinances that create a crisis of jurisdiction (picking a fight)
  • Corporate personhood – supercitizenship
  • Commissioners helpless in the face of corporate control of state
  • Update from JCER (Jefferson County Ecological Roadsides) 4700 signatures on toxic sprays – commish won’t listen
  • loss of democratic process
  • Regulation


-We need seats on the boards of corporations, on regulatory boards,regulator agencies serve corporate interests. Dept of Ecology has power over us, when it should be the other way

-Shift to Feminine paradigm

-Not us vs them, but all of us gaining critical education

– Dilemma of cheap goods vs local small town main street

• The following proposals were briefly considered by the group:

  • Agreement to use “egalitarian facilitation” – which includes the use of hand signals
  • The need for education
  • studying community bill of rights other localities are crafting,
  • scheduling a 3 day democracy school with Paul Cienfuegos,
  • learning about how are we colonized
  • Involving the larger community, learning from efforts in other communities, connecting with CELDF, an organization that has had successes
  • Creating local ordinances, change the structure of government

• Next general meeting will be Saturday, October 27th at the QUUF sanctuary, 9:30 to 11:30am

• Steering committee meets Thursday 7pm at 343 35th Street PT.

Suggested links

NEXT MEETING -Jeffco Community Rights Organization Sat 10/27 9:30am – QUUF- Quimper Unitarian Fellowship on San Juan Ave

Taking beginning steps toward local community sovereignty – Minutes from last meeting and suggested reading links below



NOVEMBER 10th, 2012 Minutes for Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County, WA

Meeting convened at approximately 9:35AM by facilitator Matt . Explanation of hand-signals and roles and persons agreed for facilitator, co-facilitator, timekeeper, stack taker.

Introductions by name and a sentence or two as to why the participant was attending.
Sub group reports

Study Group report
Mike reporting on the meeting of Tuesday 11/5/2012 6PM-7:30PM at the Undertown where we discussed the readings chosen
at the SG the week prior: CELDF newsletter, “Susquehanna” latest quarterly, available on CELDF website and “Sins of Our Fathers…” from the
list of suggested readings handed out by Paul Cienfuegos at the Port Townsend introductory workshop 10/8/2012.
Weekly meetings will continue on Tuesday 6PM at the Undertown. Reading for this coming week: “Why a Green Future is Unconstitutional” by
Jane Anne Morris;
Also reading about “Packer Township…” available through link on the CELDF website

Process Working Group report
Matt reporting on meeting at Doug’s (which will continue on Thursdays at 7PM at 343 35th St.) Formed to organize locations, facilitator, proposals
and to help clarify how the group is to function

Burning Issues
Rick-Make sure copy of Paul C’s email for everyone
Mike-Clarify readings
Sidney-Costs of workshop/ (to be discussed during workshop proposal)
Julia-Scholarship fund for workshop
Niles-Encouraged buying and reading of “Be the Change” as a “concise and easy read matrix” Niles will order it and get copies for those who sign
a list circulated and then be paid when the books come in
Robin-Choice and “Self-Health Care Rights”

Proposals (To make proposals, write them down and bring them to the group to be acted upon. Give to the facilitator at the beginning of the meeting, when

1. Name of Group-“This group should be called the…(two choices, both rejected and the following chosen)
Through discussion process the name settled on is now Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County Washington.

2. Group Mission Statement “Create and pass laws that enforce community rights over corporate interests for a more just and equitable Jefferson County.”
Lengthy discussion. It was decided to table it and come back to it at a later time after some more work is done on it at the process meeting taking
into considerations the points made during the discussion.

3. What to name meetings-The main decision-making body of this group shall be called the General Assembly. All subgroups of this group shall be called:
Working groups or Subgroups or Teams.
Settled on: General Assembly for main meetings and Working Groups for outside meetings passed after discussion

4. Website Administrative Powers– “The following people will be administrators of a website for this group.” Volunteers are Gretchen, Ellen, Matt and Julia, who will help when Gretchen is not available.
It was decided to eliminate the part of the proposal that had a list of possible website home pages because they don’t apply to the new name.

5. Group Process-“This group shall be a voluntary coalition of individuals and organizations coming together to serve a common cause.
This group shall use egalitarian facilitation and consensus decision-making. The group shall use the book “On Conflict and Consensus” as
its reference manual for resolving process challenges.” (
Passed with the following modifications to strike “and organizations: and strike “decision-making” and substitute the word “democracy”
and to substitute the word “difficulties” for challenges.
It was pointed out that the large poster behind the facilitator outlined the consensus process and is online for free-“The Formal Consensus

6. Email list-“This group will maintain an email list on The following people will be administrators of the email list. The email list will be a one way list serve, not a discussion list serve. The administrators will use the list serve to send out: Newsletters and announcements with meeting
summaries and dates of upcoming meetings. Minutes of subgroup meetings. Drafts of proposals for upcoming general assemblies.”  It was decided to pass up this proposal to #7 and address this at subsequent GA meeting in order to have time to fully discuss bringing Paul Cienfuegos back to Port Townsend for a workshop.

7. “We the process committee, propose that we invite Paul Cienfuegos to Port Townsend to conduct a “Two Day Intensive Workshop” on dismantling Corporate Rule, and other topics. The date would be Feb. 23 and 24, 2013. The workshop can hold 30 people. The fee would be $50.00 per person. The actual time will be announced at a later time. Additional topics: 1. How to interact with corporate and independent media,
8. Public outreach, 3. Continuing education, 4. Identifying and discussing our unique concerns and questions. (This is a follow-up workshop Paul
hosted on Oct. 8, 2012. As a result of extensive discussion, it was passed to invite Paul Cienfuegos for this date and a roster was passed around for sign-ups with a column
for those to list how much they would pay, so that those who can pay more can contribute to those who are unable to pay as a sort of scholarship fund.
Other Burning Issues
Next meetings passed by GA approval:
O’Neill announced that QUUF is available and has been scheduled for Dec. 8 and Dec. 22, both at 9:30-11:30. Robin stated that she will host a Nov. 24th
meeting, 9:30 AM at the Anapurna Center for Self-Healing at 538 Adams St. at the corner of Adams and Clay in P.T. The Nov. 24th meeting, due to the fact that it is close to Thanksgiving and likely a small meeting that no binding decisions will be made. It was also decided that on Dec. 8th it would be  decided whether the Dec. 22nd meeting will also be a non-binding decision meeting because of proximity to Christmas.

Mike M. will email Paul C. re: video possibilities for workshop in PT

Mike M. made a proposal that he would open a bank account under Mike Mullen DBA at First Federal with Mike , Gretchen and Doug as co-signers.
After input from Rick, Jonathan, Julia, Val and Barbara it was decided to “park it” for now. As part of the discussion was the fact that Paul Cienfuegos
will need $300-400 by Feb. 1 and the rest later, so we could have this issue go back to the process committee with a written statement taking into account the concerns and also take into consideration more information as to ways P.C. may accept funds for the workshop. Concerns: treasury needs
a formal account of all brought in, bank may require meeting minutes, 2 signatures on checks over a certain amount should be required, there will be a tax on the persons Social Security # and declared interest for the individual, maybe for particular personal reasons at this time it might not be a good
idea for Mike to be the person.

It was decided to have a more complete discussion about the above parked proposal at the Dec. 8th meeting. Meanwhile, Mike M. will take the kitty jar that had a few dollars in it for the meeting today for safe-keeping. When asked if there were any outstanding expenses anyone wants to be reimbursed
for there was no-show of hand/s.

(Decision was made by G.A. to extend the meeting 15 minutes for some of the above discussion to be completed.)

Meeting adjourned at 11:45.


GA CCRC – Process meeting 11-18-2012

Meeting: Process Meeting 11/8/12
> Process Meeting 11/8/12 Rick Doherty,
> Gretchen B, Matt, Doug, Mike
> )Grange update no go lets use the QUUF courtesy of O’Neill
> )Update of organizing manifest?? Matt may send an email idea sheet to the
> other members. Mike likes the 9 core principles, Doug likes the vision
> statement of PTPM Our committee may chew on this for the general assembly at
> our next meeting. > )Preparing for the Cienfuegos proposal, who takes the money a work in process
> )choosing a name for the group was handled by the general assembly
> )are we an arm of an existing group? PTPM connection? PTAIR? NetPens, Rick
> urged strict nonalignment, Doug isn’t convinced
> )Ellen O”Shea, Gretchen & Matt are on track for web & email using riseup…
> )discussion of the proposal process. Egalitarian facilitation, consensus
> facilitation, the book On conflict & consensus were mulled over.
> )next meeting Thursday, Nov. 29th at Doug’s
> ############################################

Minutes of Meeting for 11/24/2012

Called to order at approximately 9:30AM at Annapurna Inn, Port Townsend. Present: Matt, Mike, Mike M, Val, Frank, O’Neill, Niles, Scotty, Sidney, Robin, Jonathan

Because it is a holiday week-end and fewer expected to attend, non-binding meeting-will prepare proposals but not pass in this meeting-any proposals will be taken to the next meeting on Dec. 8th.

Chose roles of time-keeper, note-taker, facilitator, stack-taker and explanation of hand-signals given. Went around the room (“circle”) for introductions and to say why we are here and what we would like to see happen at this meeting. Sense of meeting flow and what we want to achieve at each, what is to happen in February when Paul C. comes to PT, better world possible, (member looking for a 220 outlet for his welder to fix his auto, which he depends upon), summary of Study Group, holistic context. occupy our own bodies and heal ourselves, help us take steps to get closer to taking back our power from corporations

Working Group Report

Study Group meets every Tuesday at 6PM-’til about 7:30 at Undertown. SG is reading through Paul Cienfuegos’ bibliography from the PT workshop in October. Last meeting (the 20th) SG read examples of doing CR work re: ordinances. Extend an invitation to everyone, anyone to attend. The assignment is to see the 27 minute video of Thomas Linzey at Grass Valley that is on the CELF site.

Group members also chose their own reading as well from the list. The conclusion of the group was that a glossary and a bibliography needs to be done so that anyone coming to the group can refer to it to catch up.

Process Team

I am here confessing that I completely disrupted the meeting with an overly dramatic plea for there to be a way for communication; website and working email list. (I didn’t do this at today’s meeting.)Proposals to Discuss and Agenda to Set; used those topics brought to the “circle.”

Paul Cienfuegos’ upcoming Workshop February 22nd-23rd

First day to be about the history, which is crucial to understand in order to move forward in any meaningful way. Then the second day will be more “group participating”- exercises to strategies (information is on Paul’s website). Ongoing educational process, The Democracy School is where you identify the issues and there are a variety of alternatives, some of which are on youtube.

The workshop will not be put on video.

How is the money to be handled for the workshop? ($1,500 total plus some per diem for meals)

Lengthy and complicated discussion on alternatives raised and here summarized to spare you: 1) “coffee can accounting, 2)” Unincorporated Association at a Credit Union, 3) deposit to Paul be made by a member and then checks or money orders to another person with an auditor or co-helper 4) 501c3 discussion with conclusion being that it is a discussion to be had in full, later. Agreed that a proposal will be taken by Val to the Dec. 8th meeting that covers the event only and not a long-term plan for how this group will deal with finances. It was stated that some groups fall apart over the financial aspects.

Flow and what we hope to achieve

The meeting process itself builds community and helps us become acquainted with each other so we can better work together. The long discussion about money was a chance to experience that.

How attract more folks out in the county– We are building up to a Community Rights ordinance and we will be coming up against an individual corporation at some point and we want the mechanism to see it used. Idea: Hold community forums to mobilize more people and take around the county to get them involved and to see the “greater context” so we can stave off future threats-“Peninsula is not an island.” Pursue a philosophy of inclusion and be careful not to attach personal agendas.

The studies of the Study Group have revealed that many of the CR ordinances do end up addressing “issues” and that they also serve as an attraction to the group, i.e. fish pens, no spray, biomass, health-care, etc.

Holistic Context

Holistic Context” is a framework for making decisions that are economically, socially and environmentally sound in both the short and long-term. (Tilth). Need a component for everyone to buy into and consists of the core of what unites us. Once everyone is into it, it is rooted into the knowing. Why Here?

What is the best use of my energy. Heart-understanding where people are coming from and folks need to know they are heard, keep open to others.

CORE-a website with 9 core values

Final Thoughts

Next meetings to be at QUUF (Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship) San Juan Ave. 9:30 AM to 12:30PM December 8th and 22nd.



Minutes – GA Meeting Saturday – Dec. 5, 2012

Members present: Niles, Rick D., Lynn T., Sidney, Linda L., Bob M., O’Neill, Mike M., Kevin, Jonathan, Doug, Matt – facilitator, Frank – co-facilitator, Julia – stack-taker, Lawrence – time keeper, Val – note taker.

Review of Meeting Process: point of process is to avoid cross-talk. If one has a question about what is said, jot it down and get on stack. New hand sign – twist of the open hand means “Please explain what you just said.”

Reports from Working Groups:

Study Group – Niles reported that study group meets for one hour every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the back room of the Undertown. This group reads and/or watches videos each week and discusses that information, then, decides how to pass that information on to the larger group. Group is working on compiling a glossary of Terms, a Working Bibliography, a list of video links, to eventually have available to members of the CRC and new people who join to help get them up to speed. This group also asks for feedback from the larger group.

Process Group –Doug reported that this group meets at his house every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The purpose is to analyze and work on happenings with the larger group. Examples include the following:

  • the venue for Paul’s workshop
  • ordinances to consider for the Home Rule Charter like citizen rights, GMO ordinance, Initiatives and Petition ordinances
  • website address
  • “cookie jar” accounting system
  • The design of Paul’s February workshop

Doug asked for Home Rule Charter examples from the Study Group. Rick also asked when the glossary and Bibliography would be ready. Both are in the works and will likely continue to be a work in process. [Will make a stab at it for Dec. 22]

Proposals: Proposals are how action happens with this group. They need to be written down (even if developed on the spot) so that we can keep track of the language used. It was suggested to give the proposal to the Facilitator prior to the meeting, or…to have a“proposal wrangler” to sort through them prior to the meeting.

The following three proposals were on the table for this meeting:

1. Handling Workshop Funds – It is proposed that… a temporary “Treasurer” be appointed to handle the monies to be used solely for the Paul Cienfuegos workshop in February, those monies to include our deposit and any monies for Paul’s expenses,

…in addition, a second “Co-Treasurer” be appointed to oversee the record of such monies specifically for this single workshop.

This proposal was made to temporarily solve the issue of money handling at least for this event without opening a bank account or filing for 501c tax status.

Concerns: How will money be handled for the deposit to Paul?

Niles- with the 15 currently signed up, that would mean each of them paying a $20 down-payment so that the deposit can be paid.

Mike M. – this proposal creates an easy way to handle checks. He has the sign up list for the workshop. Mike also explained the price and deposit amounts for the workshop.

A friendly amendment was proposed by Doug to consider using the “quiet and unused 501c4 currently used for the ‘Peace Movement’ which could ‘become’ the Community Rights Coalition”

Concerns: Can a 501 change names? Would it have to give up its mission? Can we look at this after the workshop? Kevin proposed that we amend the friendly amendment to say “… and, that after Paul’s workshop we consider the other options for handling money in the future.”

The proposal passed with the above amendment.

2. Using Peace Movement’s 501c status: – It is proposed that…Doug approach the Peace Movement with the idea of the CRC using their 501c4 status.

Concerns: Mike M. – concerns about liability citing an example of the  Bellingham group being sued.

Sidney – anyone can be sued for anything at any time, and if we worry about lawsuits, nothing will get done.

Doug – the movement already has a structured organization and bank account and that the changeover has already been done with other organizations like Sister City Association. He offered to call a Peace

Movement meeting or to meet here with CRC on Dec. 22.

Sidney and Mike M. will explore with Doug, the possibility of having a joint meeting on Dec. 22.

O’Neill – worried about give-away or co-mingling of funds.

Rick – we need legal advice.

The proposal was passed in the interests of allowing Doug to move ahead with the idea.

3. Website Domain Name: – It is proposed that…we use “” as our website address, to be administered by Matt and others, and the costs of the domain name and site license to be paid by Matt.

Discussion: After a discussion about what might be too broad, too narrow, confusing to search for, and available, the proposal passed with the following site name:

Julia will help with the website development.

4. Healthcare: It is proposed that…the right to affordable and preventative healthcare be made available for all residents of Jefferson County, and for those unable to access such care, the County Public Hospital District guarantee such access.

Discussion: There was some misunderstanding about whether this was a direct and singular proposal, and if it was premature.

Rick – moving ahead with a healthcare proposal allows us to garner public support.

Doug – it just a part of the larger Bill of Rights document, that it is easier to develop language for that document one item at a time and then assemble an omnibus bill.

Matt – the full document should be put together item by item.

Lawrence- Paul’s advice is not to rush into action, but to ask,“Is this a corporate issue?”

Sidney- the healthcare system is all in financial trouble so we need to couple money issues with the proposal.

Kevin – can we put items on a list with a wider perspective of each issue before voting.

Rick – it needs to be seen in the context of other items in the Bill of Rights.

The proposal on Healthcare was tabled.

Next meeting: Saturday, December 22, in the Fellowship Hall, 9:30 a.m. QUUF.

O’Neill will ask about using the facilities every 2 weeks, 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month starting January 5.

Treasurer: Mike M. volunteered to be Treasurer, Julia volunteered to be Co-Treasurer.

Closing statements: Doug – Process committee invited Stoney Bird to be here after the Jan. 5th meeting for a Q & A. More information will follow. Questions about process for inviting others.

O’Neill –time cannot be extended on Jan. 5 so will look for other options.

Dial-a-ride cutbacks may end Saturday service. Some members will look into it.

Adjourned at 11:30 a.m.



GA CCRC Minutes 12-22-2012

Meeting convened at 9:34AM at QUUF 12/22/2012; facilitated by Doug M, Notes taken by O’Neill, Stacktaker-Linda L, Timekeeper-Laurence C

Non-binding meeting. No proposals. Because expected fewer participants due to holidays. Present; Kevin, Bob, Frank, Ric, Mike, Val, Diane, Lynn, Deanna, Laurence, O’Neill, Doug, Linda

Went around the circle to say names and major reason here


  • Study Group Report/ Bibliography, Glossary, Main Points Emerging
  • GMOs, ecological rights as in Ecuador
  • Coalition as part of our name, how express bringing groups together
  • Process committee report
  • Basque Cooperatives
  • Song

1. Study Group Report-Meetings Tuesdays at Undertown at 6PM with exception of 12/25 (as Tuesday Christmas) and New Year’s Day. Will meet Wednesday 12/26 at 6PM at Undertown. Will announce first meeting in January when know when Undertown is closing. (later information is that we will be meeting at the Bayview)

2. handed out the “fabulous” glossary, “Working” bibliography of books, articles, audio/video links (will be available online, too). CELDF also has copious materials and one may watch the process and learn about obstacles other communities have faced. Common themes are condensed into “Points we have learned list under the headings: Challenging illusions, Building a movement, Additional thoughts-Val will add to the lists; all in progress. If anyone has additions, send to Val at:

R-Expressed his interest in doing what San Juan Islands did re: GMOs. We can google San Juan Island GMO ordinance. (They are a chartered county, which we are not) V will add to reading list about GMOs. D-DVD “Genetic Roulette” available to be handed around. No methane shale here and is relieved, so we don’t have that issue of fracking to be concerned about here

Natural Rights-Read the Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008-embedded the natural state of the planet into their constitution. V- see bibliography

F-Thomas Linzey helped them develop that part of their constitution. R-CELDF also involved with Nepal.

M-Elwa Dam removal (asked to talk about after with anyone wanting input on this issue)

O-Coalition is part of the name of Community Rights-how do we express being a coalition? M-Stoney Bird and others coming and we can talk about how to bring in groups. D-make a list of groups. F-problematic having people coming as representatives, talk to them, use email of the groups, “danger” of “coalitions”-K-agrees about having a list to deepen bonds and form alliances. Originally Paul Cienfuegos brought here by Move to Amend (?), Occupy, 2020, Airwatchers, QUUF. How do it without having factions that fight for their own agendas. L-let’s not re-invent the wheel. There are an array of folks who do not know that this is going on and we need to find those folks and expand the population, create information to give them and get them involved.

F-In his experience “when have a coalition of groups, each group wants its primary objective to be the agenda and we want to avoid that.”

D-Need to avoid being pigeonholed and want to be as “open as possible” and fear of the tendency of folks to say “if they are involved, I don’t want to be.”

R-to remain independent we shouldn’t identify with any group as bigger than any group-independent and available to all. DJ-group actually more representative. V-preserve integrity of this group and draw in those with specific issues. Spokane did a great job of that-in “Be the Change” -they distilled specific issues from groups. Bring people and ideas together, preserve the integrity of this group as “mother”, ideas come in with folks and Spokane is still dealing with this. K-maybe the word “alliances” is a better word. M-In Spokane there were too many ideas on the ballot and did better when narrowed them down, still not passed, however, but possibly will on next go-around.

DM-Process Committee Report-The committee is a chance for folks to mull over ideas and issues. 2 people attended, Ric and Doug this past week. Watched the DVD “Genetic Roulette.” Discussed change of government charter. Referred to handout (MRSC-about county forms of government) at a previous meeting about the ability to use the initiative process. If we took a lead, we would need alliances to carry it forth. D asked the handout be included in the Bibliography. Consider idea of strengthening local farmers. R-referred to a Farm Survey with startling information about how fragile our farming is here. There is a Planning Commission  meeting on Jan. 16th that addresses farming issues. Meetings are at 7PM at Doug’s at 343 34th St. on Thursdays.

F-Basque Cooperatives-Mondragon Coop, among things to think about, Case studies from Thomas Linzey;s group from “Be the Change”, “Citizens doubt they can govern themselves” and the Basque Cooperatives are an example of self-governance. What if we had a “lottery” of the jobs for this group so that we build a horizontal organization with no leaders and the culture help develop skills of everyone. Mondragon has been successful in nested cooperatives in the Basque areas of Spain.

Developed their own way of doing business. R-maybe be leaders only in the sense of what we each do well and the group benefit from it, O-bring what we can do to the table and have patience with each other as we develop other capacities, remember we are into new processes and we have been colonized in the old ways,

K-wants to be part of an egalitarian group. L-easier to take stack-tacker if had a clock. O-leave time to the timekeeper.

D-Song-L-We sang the song that Laurence led in Canada for the Tar Sands Pipeline gathering. Words about the song or having songs: maybe a way of declaring our intent, look at our fears of singing or speaking out, releases something in a person to have a song. D-resonating, access the rise of spirit in favor of regular song practice, good for us as we are so earnest it is also good to have fun, equate fear of singing with facility of democracy.

Some time left so: discussed website (which is not up yet) and email list. Matt has only access to list of people on it, but O’Neill can send out notes. Group asked that Matt please tell us about the structure and what to do in a formal request about how the email works.

L-Will see if Rocky will show DVD “Genetic Roulette” at The Rose.

What about more facilitation training? Guidelines for Facilitation Technique-link “On Consensus” C.T. Butler

Adjourned at 11:30.

Next meeting at QUUF Jan. 5, 9:30AM.







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