GA Minutes January 2013

Minutes for meetings of the General Assembly held in January of 2013

January 5, 2013

MINUTES of the January 5, 2013

General Assembly Meeting

Citizen Rights Coalition of Jefferson County WA

Members present: Matt R. – Facilitator, Frank – Co-facilitator, Mike P.- Timer, Val – Notes, O’Neill – Stack, Laurence C., Julia, Ellen, Mike M., Sidney C., Bob M., Rick D., Linda L., Mike R., Kevin


– Speakers: Stonewall Jackson Bird, Terry Garrett, and Simon Davis-Cohen, will be visiting Port Townsend on Saturday Jan.12, 2013, at 1:30, at the Rosewind Commons House on Umatilla off San Juan Ave. All three men are from Bellingham, WA., and worked on the NO-COAL initiative.

– Local Food Information Report for the Planning Commission will be presented at the Tri-Area Center on December 16th at 6:30 p.m.

Health Care: Matt R. is organizing a public forum or teach-in on affordable health care and is looking for others who would like to be involved.

Transportation expenses: Frank suggested that we use petty cash to reimburse speakers who come to Port Townsend for presentations, e.g. Stoney Bird.

501c status: Peace movement has met and decided that they will keep their 501c status & continue as a group.


Petty Cash Jar: Mike M. has begun collecting petty cash in a jar to help defray the costs of copying and other incidental expenses. This prompted questions: – Do we need to pay transportation expenses for all guests speakers? – Who will keep track of the money? (Mike M. volunteered.) – Don’t we need more than this to defray for bigger expenses? – Could we write an agreement about management of petty cash?

Mike M. made the proposal to …keep an accounting of the monies collected and used, and at the end of each meeting include that in the minutes.

It was decided that the co-treasurers meet and determine a solution for a final proposal for the next meeting.

Banking Proposal: A proposal was made that…Mike M. be allowed to open a “non-incorporated organization”bank account at First Federal for the Coalition. It needs no Social Security number, but does require a tax ID number. Mike M. and Julia would agree to be the signatories.


– Do we need legal advice before doing this?

– The secretary of State says that a Tax ID at this time is a good way to go.

– What is the scenario for tax liability? (Only if there is interest income.)

– This is a place for monies to go and the interest would probably not warrant filing as income.

– Richard Davies does pro-bono work for other organizations and has expressed an interest in helping this group, but for drafting ordinances etc., not necessarily handling of funds.

The proposal was approved as read.

“About Us” Proposal: Val proposes that…the Study Group, along with other members of the Coalition begin working on draft language for the website section“About Us,” and possibly for other publications, that describes our organization, our direction, mission, goals, etc. and that this draft be presented to the general assembly at chosen times for discussion and adoption.

The proposal was accompanied by sample “About Us” statements from other organization websites.


– How can we communicate with all members of the group?

– We need input initially from ALL.

– What will the process be? –

– We need to be able to say who we are.

– Perhaps use Study Group, but also additional open meetings to consolidate ideas, especially for drafting a mission or goal statement.

Friendly Amendments: eliminate “…our direction, mission, goals etc.” and add “…as a newly forming group…”

Final approved proposal: the Study Group, along with other members of the Coalition (a newly forming organization) begins working on draft language for the website section “About Us,” and possibly for other publications, that describes our organization. and that this draft be presented to the general assembly at chosen times for discussion and adoption.

The proposal was approved with amendments.


– We need to find out Who? What? and When? about seeking legal advice from Richard Davies.

– Matt can communicate to Richard Davies once we are more focused on our goals, e.g. ordinances etc.

in order to avoid (if possible) lawsuits and other snags. But meanwhile, we should begin focusing on documents first.

– San Juan County group were initially told by an attorney that it wouldn’t work, but they persisted successfully. Don’t be afraid!

– Don’t automatically think the Commissioners will be against us. A good example was the support from the police department in Seattle when they challenged the insurance companies.

– At some point, we need to go “out of this room”and begin making an argument to shape public opinion.

– Although a Bill of Rights is just paper, people and nature have needs. –

– The “fish pen” controversy is an example of jurisdictional crisis that will need to be confronted.

– We need long-term patience, and look at groups like Bellingham who were personally sued.


– Fish pens issue needs to be kept alive. The public needs the opportunity to say Yes or No on issues.

– Public Transportation is a big issue. Our Bill of Rights needs to say “PUBLIC”.

– We need “Home Rule” in order to change the system. If we don’t know the enemy and legal procedures, we’re sunk! We need to investigate the legal ramifications.

– The GMO video needs to get out to the public. Rocky says to contact the distributor in order for him to show it in the Rose.

– We need a strategy to be successful, and what we include in that strategy needs to be chosen carefully. Other communities have been successful, so we must continue to study what they have done.

– The Navy Base is a “Sleeping Dragon”and tied to foreign policy.

At adjournment, there was a total of $91.75 in Petty Cash.



MEMBERS PRESENT O’Neill,Frank, Mike R. Niles, Diane, Rick, Bob, Linda, Mike p, Mike M,Matt, Kevin, Doug, Julia

-Facilitation-O’Neill, minutes-Bob, Stack-Frank, Time-Ric (Matt later took over facilitation of proposal process.)
Matt R: Facility training Jan. 27, 3-5 at QUUF, Activism training at Jan 26 from 10-12 at QUUF, Health Care on Feb 2 from 2-4 at QUUF.
Kevin : Environmental Lobby day at State legislature on Feb 19, Inter faith lobby day at State legislature on Feb. 20.
Let Kevin Know if you are interested in attending.
The movie Crash is playing at QUUF at 7:pm
Martin Luther King Day is being observed at QUUf on Sunday at 10: am

Agenda items

  • Val distributed an outline About Us. and examples of what some communities have described their organization and what they hoped to achieve.
    This information resulted in a wide-ranging conversation. Val stressed this was a draft and she wanted suggestions. She particularly wanted comments on
    Who we are. What we propose to do. MEMBERS PRAISED VAL’S WORK.
  • A proposal was discussed to bring to have at least 2 representatives consult with an attorney to discuss legal issues related to community rights issues.
    First question is what is the basis of government.? Bring questions for an attorney to the next GA. We need to discuss who goes,which lawyer, what questions at length and the group prioritize key issues that include old, present and future business.
  • A proposal was passed that a small group will discuss bringing  back a list of local issues before the Paul Cienfuego’s workshop to take to the workshop and that does not preclude persons at the workshop bringing up issues. There will be time set aside to discuss local issues at General Assembly.
  • Update on Paul’s workshop.Mike reported Paul would increase the number of participants to 33. If space available allow 3 members of Bellingham group attend the work shop.
    Kevin offered to pay for 2 20-30 year old individuals to attend the workshop. Several members stated they would help sponsor individuals who had requested assistance in paying the fee.
    A decision to have a study group prepare a list of local issues for Paul to consider. This does not preclude individuals from asking questions.
  • The Farm Survey has been completed and a PDF will go out to CRC when we get the word that it is ok to do so from Judy Alexander.
  • Reflections on Stoney’s presentation to General assembly.. Members stated they had learned to prepare a plan B. Also that it was a valuable experience to learn the steps necessary to make changes even in a charter county. READ THE DIRT IS RECOMMENDED READING.

Next Study Group meeting and location. Tuesday Jan. 22nd at 6:00 PM  1633 Water St. unit 4 . The address is the condominium complex adjacent to the Bayview restaurant. The unit is on the ground floor and is located at the end of the building away from the restaurant. Parking is available.

For questions relating to the Paul Cienfuego’s workshop February 23-24th, contact Mike M at :

If you want to be removed from this list, contact O’Neill at: If you know someone who wants to be added to the list, use that address as well.  If you were at the GA and you see something pertinent missing from the minutes, please contact: as well.

O’Neill has added some lines, those not in green as the minutes don’t quite match my notes. We may need to discuss this at the next GA.

Next General Assembly meeting February 2nd 9:30-11:00 AM QUUF –  San Juan Ave.






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