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Local group gets active for I-522 – Label GMO’s in Washington State

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Jefferson County Grassroots Volunteers for YES on I 522  – Organization and Training Session: what can be done to be sure that WA I-522 passes in November.

Beginning with the Uptown Parade, then the All County Picnic, and at the GMO Movies Series we have asked that persons interested in GMOs, and especially in the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in human foods, sign up for receiving important GMO information during the next two months, so as to be better informed about how they will want to vote on passage of I-522 this November.  I-522 will require that most foods containing GE and/or GMO ingredients must be labeled, and will give each of us the Right To Choose what we eat and feed our families.

 We have formed an active Group: Jefferson County Grassroots Volunteers for YES on I 522 to help inform citizens in Jefferson County and across Washington state that we all should have the right to know what is in our foods,.i.e., whether each food contains GE or GMO ingredients.

Two organizational training sessions have been scheduled in the Fellowship Hall at the Quimper Universalist Unitarian Fellowship (QUUF), 2333 San Juan Avenue, Port Townsend, WA 98368:  

September 4th 2:30 PM, and September 6th 8:00 AM  (Hope to see you, your friends, and anyone you know who might be interested on the 4th and/or 6th).

Upon seeing the GMO movies many of us feel alarmed, but are at a loss for what we could do that will matter.  We will introduce nearly a dozen  Action Group possibilities that you may choose among:

Jefferson County Grassroots Volunteers for YES on I–522 — Action Groups

ACTION GROUPS:   An important reason for inviting everyone who attends any event (Movies right now) or who can be contacted in any way to add their names to the sign-up Lists is to get them into the loop for receiving ongoing information and eventually being sure that they vote. Invite your friends and any other interested persons —  all are welcome to call in or write:  Rick Doherty, Coordinator of JC Grassroots Volunteers for

YES on I – 522   ricdoh@gmail.com   360 554 0550  206 409 4918

Getting this list of individuals who are interested enough to pass the threshold of signing up is that they will be receiving ongoing information, and if they decide to do nothing else they will be tracked as “near-certain YES votes” and will be contacted in our get-out-the-vote sequence to be sure that they actually have voted come November. Seeing these movies is quite depressing for most of us.  Many feel frustrated in not knowing what can be done – what they as individuals can do.  There is much that needs to be done quickly; there are only about 8 weeks left before we VOTE.

ACTION GROUPS   (Not in order of priority yet)(More to be added yet)

  • 1)    Data entry   ASAP email list(s) continuing effort (typing only required)
  • 2)    Data management of Excel database for generating mailing lists, work groups, etc., for various Action Group tasks, and for sending out information as well as informational documents as generated (requires some skills in using Excel to generate these)
  • 3)    Generation of a stream of Letters to the Editor for Olympic Peninsula newspapers, and Seattle papers   —   an overall plan for drafting a continual sequential version of these (using the Misrepresentations ~= “Lies” document  — this will be completed for the Action Group Training Sessions). The same information can be used educationally to expose widely the Truth answers to the Lies that were used very effectively the last time around in California to defeat Prop 36.  These same untruths are beginning to surface now in WA.  Strategy of these streams, collection of good information for them, skilled writing of them, tracking them and responses to them with countering information.  The Misrepresentations – Truths document is nearly completed. We have two persons who are interested in leading Action Group 3.
  • 4)    Coordinating 3) with newspaper articles and radio activities
  • 5)    Signs and handouts in as many businesses as possible in PT and other JC towns, using a check-off assignment list of businesses to be contacted.
Education of persons to do these (scripted) interactions positively and efficiently
Coordination of these businesses activities and interactions
Note:  These need to be in place urgently in PT to be ready for, and take advantage of The Wooden Boat Festival influx
  • 6)    Interact with various organizations in PT Elks, Veterans, all of the Churches, Synagogue, Healthcare groups of various types, etc, etc. in PT and throughout the County to ask whether they are willing to endorse I – 522 publicity individually and possibly as groups
Also, ask whether they are willing to send out information about I-522 and related events during the next 8 weeks to help educate and to get out the vote.
  • 7)    Develop a plan for what the most strategically effective sites in addition to businesses (in PT and the County) will be for  distributing posters, and other informational materials.  Coordination of implementation of all of this.
  • 8)    Work with Farmers to get them individually or as groups to support I – 522 publicity (in newspapers and on radio stations, etc.) (Important !)
  • 9)    Organize outreach to Jefferson County communities (in addition to PT) to determine how they want to be involved, and how we can help them with educational materials, etc.  Coordination of implementation of all of this. (Important !)
  • 10) Organization of Home (Kitchen) Educational sessions – training of persons to do these. Providing scripts and informational materials.
  • 11) Get younger persons involved.  Need some dynamic younger persons to lead this – not so easy to accomplish.
  • 12) Phone banking to Get-out-the-vote in Jefferson County – Work directly with the JC Democratic Party for phone-banking after their Executive Meeting decision in early September.
  • 13) Phone banking to Get-out-the-vote in WA State.  Work directly with the YES on I 522 Campaign to enable persons who are interested in this (very important activity) to be able to become trained and involved in the online sessions Very Important !
  • 14 – ways to pay for buttons etc.
  • 15) Doctors and Health Professionals for YES on I – 522
  • 16) Lists to be continued – Anyone have any favorites to add?  or any
  • suggestions about any of the above. Finally,  you will continue to receive information about GMO crops and their effects on human and animal health. AND, you will have opportunity to take ACTION as described above, so that we can each feel that we are doing something important to improve the foods that we eat and become more healthy.
Rick Doherty, Coordinator-Jefferson County Grassroots Volunteers Grassroots Volunteers for Yes on I-522   ricdoh@gmail.com    360  554 0550   206  409 4918
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