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General Assembly Minutes 2/9/2013

It was decided at the GA of 2/2/2013 that anyone wishing to participate in this drafting process could show up to the meeting at QUUF 9:30 2/9/2013.

A group of folks volunteered at the last General Assembly and some decided later to join the group to make a draft of an “About Us” statement to have ready for Paul Cienfuegos’ workshop February 23rd and 24th. This morning, we took 2 hours and 10 minutes to craft the statement from all of the input that has been coming in to the Study Group for months. There have been a number of drafts and it has been discussed at GA meetings. Input was also solicited and many emails were part of the process. We will present it at the next GA on 2/16/2013 at QUUF 2333 San Juan, 9:30-12:00.
The meeting is being extended to accommodate the presence of an attorney who we hope will join us on that date who will give us some information members have decided is needed for the group. (I do not have word yet as to his acceptance of this date.) I will send out reminder notices and

Once a website is established, this will be the “About Us” statement. We expect that it may change over time.

We did not move on to the sections that will contain in detail “what we believe” about democracy, human rights and the rights of nature, nor the sections on “what we want” and “our plan.” After the Paul Cienfuegos’ workshop we may have more information that will influence the crafting of those sections.

Present were Scotty, Joan, Mike R., Emilee, Val, Julia, O’Neill and Michelle.

This is the latest draft of the “Who We Are” statement for the ABOUT US portion of the website:

As the Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County, Washington, we have come together as a group that is leaderless, open, volunteer, non-violent and consensus based. We see ourselves as part of the entirety of our community of humans and of nature, both living and non-living. We assert our intrinsic inalienable rights to engage in an open, transparent and participatory democratic process whereby we can assume the powers necessary to enforce the rights of the natural world including all humans.

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Website Launched! Some quick details

Now that we finally got the Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County WA website online, I am going to quickly throw up some details agreed to from the many general assemblies.  After I get it all up here, I will organize it.


Proposals  (To make proposals, write them down and bring them to the group to be acted upon.  Give to the facilitator at the beginning of the meeting, when possible.

1.  Name of Group-“This group should be called the…(two choices, both rejected and the following chosen)…Through discussion process the name settled on is now Community Rights Coalition of Jefferson County Washington.

2. Group Mission Statement- “Create and pass laws that enforce community rights over corporate interests for a more just and equitable Jefferson County.”

Lengthy discussion.  It was decided to table it and come back to it at a later time after some more work is done on it at the process meeting taking into considerations the points made during the discussion.

3.  What to name meetings-The main decision-making body of this group shall be called the General Assembly. All subgroups of this group shall be called:

Working groups or Subgroups or Teams.

Settled on: General Assembly for main meetings and Working Groups for outside meetings passed after discussion

4.  Website Administrative Powers- “The following people will be administrators of a website for this group.”

Volunteers are Gretchen, Ellen, Matt and Julia, who will help when Gretchen is not available.

It was decided to eliminate the part of the proposal that had a list of possible website home pages because they don’t apply to the new name.

5.  Group Process-“This group shall be a voluntary coalition of individuals and organizations coming together to serve a common cause.

This group shall use egalitarian facilitation and consensus decision making. The group shall use the book “On Conflict and Consensus” as

its reference manual for resolving process challenges.” (

Passed with the following modifications to strike “and organizations: and strike “decision making” and substitute the word “democracy”and to substitute the word “difficulties” for challenges.

It was pointed out that the large poster behind the facilitator outlined the consensus process and is online for free-“The Formal Consensus Process.”

6.  Email list-“This group will maintain an email list on The following people will be administrators of the email list. The email list will be a one way list serve, not a discussion list serve.  The administrators will use the list serve to send out: Newsletters and announcements with meeting

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